Ask A Stupid Question Day: Messages, Wishes And Quotes

By | September 24, 2020

Teachers in the 1980s experienced that their students did not ask questions out of fear of stupid questions. So they organized a stupid question day dedicated to letting students ask the questions they are most ashamed of. Ask a Stupid Question Day on September 28 is celebrated. Ask a Stupid Question Day is an annual tradition celebrated everywhere by American schools.

Ask a Stupid Questions Day: messages, quotes, and greetings are collected here. Which encourages you to overcome your fears and start learning yourself by asking your stupid questions.

Ask A Stupid Question Day Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Ask A Stupid Question Day Messages

1). I’m so happy and proud that our country is celebrating a festival which promotes asking questions.

2). Asking questions in a class is a good habit so don’t let it go away from you.

3). You must be filled with joy that today is Ask a Stupid Question Day.

4). Encouraging a child to ask questions should be promoted in every part of the world.

5). No question is stupid in this world, so don’t hesitate in asking them to your teachers.

6). If you have the guts to ask questions in front of everyone then you are brave and smart enough to beat others.

7). This festival, Ask a Stupid Question Day, may sound dumb but it is very important.

8). Your friends are not dumb if they ask questions, they are brighter than you.

9). You are no less than a bright child who are just keen to ask questions.

10). You are not like other students who just sit quietly in the class and do not utter a word.

11). I always used to ask questions to my friends and teacher about dumb stuffs, but this festival has made me believe that I am not dumb.

12). If you have the guts to ask questions in front of everyone then you are brave.

13). I’m blessed with teachers who are always eager to answer my questions in the middle of a class.

14). Every child should ne taught to ask stupid questions.

15). You are like a brave soldier who wants to know about the surrounding thus it is completely fine of you to ask.

16). Ask A Stupid Question Day is a festival which not only promote the bright minds of the country but will also enrouage the students who are afraid to ask questions int their class.

17). If you want to ask a stupid question to your teacher, then don’t hesitate, just go and ask them.

18). Even the brightest minds of the world have asked stupid questions in this world.

19). Ask a Stupid Question Day should be celebrated by every teacher of the country as well because it is all about encouring the young hearts of the country.

20). Being stupid and funny is a trait of a good man.

21). If you want to grow intelligent and bright enough in this dark world, then learn to ask questions.

22). No question is stupid, the one who is thinking so is.

23). If you want to bring revolution to this world, then start asking questions.

24). Growing up not only involves smartness but also the ability to raise questions if not understandable.

25). We should celebrate this festival from a global perspective and let everyone learn the important of this day.

Ask A Stupid Question Day Wishes

26). The holiday of Ask A Stupid Question is observed all over the status to celebrate the will of the students who participates in the class. Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day!

27). Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day to you and your teacher who thinks that you are dumb.

28). We wish every citizen of this country a happy Ask a Stupid Questions day.

29). It is one of the most prestigious festivals of America, the Ask a Stupid Question Day which every student should celebrate. Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day!

30). Wishing you and your family a very happy Ask a Stupid Question Day.

31). Let us observe this auspicious day of Ask a Stupid Question with full strength and happiness. Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day!

32). Cheers to my every fellow classmates who are celebrating Ask A Stupid Questions day.

33). Celebrate this day with your friends who are smart enough to ask what they don’t understand and want to learn. Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day

34). Amidst this rat race we forget that there is time for everything. There is a time to work and there is a time to enjoy and on this wonderful occasion of Ask a Stupid Question Day.

35). Greeting to all the teachers who are auspiciously celebrating this day with the students.

Ask A Stupid Question Day Quotes

36). “It’s the stupid questions that have some of the most surprising and interesting answers. Most people never think to ask the stupid questions.” – Cory Doctorow

37). “If you ask a stupid question, you may feel stupid; if you don’t ask a stupid question, you remain stupid. “ – Tony Rothman

Examples of Ask a Stupid Question Day

38) Q. At cinema hall, someone asks you- Hey, what are you doing here?

A: Nothing, just came to get some sleep

39) Q. In a local bus, a fat man slept on my shoulder and asked- Oh, did that hurt you?

A: No, not at all, I actually expertise in letting people sleep on my shoulder while commuting.

40) Q. My friend called me on my landline and asked me “Where are you?”

A: At the airport

41) Q. When you are in the toilet and someone knocks on the door asking- Hello, is anyone there?

A: No, there is no one inside

42) Q. In the plane, someone asks you- Are you also going to UK?

A: No, I am just taking a ride to and for

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