32 Goodbye Messages for Husband

By | August 31, 2020

Hello friends, welcome to this article. Are you looking for a Goodbye message for your husband? Here we have collected goodbye messages for you. Which can be used to say goodbye to your husband when he is going out for work or travel. Love is the most wonderful emotion and it is as complex as many other emotions that humans experience. Love is the purest and emotional process, and then it hurts in reality. The love of husband and wife creates a sacred relationship.

Whenever the husband goes out for work, the wife sends him a goodbye greeting. She prays to God for longevity and success in work for the husband. She prays for her husband to live a long life and achieve success at work.

If there is a quarrel between the husband and wife for some reason then the situation of divorce arises. And a good wife gives the best goodbye messages. It is followed by a breakup between some lovers. And their relationship break up. They then send goodbye messages to each other.

Goodbye Messages for Husband Going Abroad for Work

Goodbye Messages for Husband Going Abroad for Work

1. Only God and I know the feeling when you go away from me. But I keep telling my heart that you are going to work, for our future. Goodbye, my sweetheart. I am waiting to see you soon.

2. This work is very important to you. Concentrate on your work. Don’t worry about me dear. I will be waiting for you. Just come back safe and sound to me soon. Goodbye.

3. I know, without sacrificing and working hard, nothing can be achieved. So I am convinced that this will bring good things for us. So go and work very well. I will be here to take care of everything. Goodbye husband.

4. I will not see you for many days. But you will be in my heart always. I will feel you honey. Work hard and grab your success. I love you. Goodbye dear.

5. You were asking why my eyes are wet. I couldn’t say anything. Truth is my heart is going far away from me. Though it is for your job. How can I live without my heart? I love you my darling. Come back soon.

6. When you are not with me, nothing seems interesting or good to me. I really miss you all the time. Please finish your work soon and come back to my heart. Goodbye.

7. Today you are going abroad. I am strong outside. Because a soldier’s wife has some responsibilities too. But inside I am burning honey. Have a safe journey. I wish you all the best for your job.

Breakup Messages for Husband

Breakup Messages for Husband

8. I am feeling sad you should know
I am feeling bad after staying with you
For so many years now
But in spite of making it ugly
Let’s just end on a good note
Let us just go in the direction
Where you and I want to go
So it’s a breakup from my side!
Goodbye from me to you!

9. I do not remember that day when it started
I do not remember when it went this way
Love lost somewhere in between
And things I just could not say
There was no love in our nest
Life was bad in every test
So breaking up with you was the only easy way,
So that we both have our peace of mind!

10. I had a time where there was joy
I also shared my sorrows with you
The love between both of us
Has followed a path which isn’t true
It’s difficult to part ways I know
I am feeling the same blow
The best thing is to break up our tie
This was not meant to be ever
From my side a final goodbye!

11. I loved you I will not deny it
You were in my heart in the initial bit
But things did not work out as it should have
And now I don’t regret anything in life
Breaking up won’t be easy I understand
But someone has to move on with life
And I am just doing that in life
So be happy wherever you go,
We were never really destined!

12. I loved you I will not say no
I also cared for you my hubby
But over the years things really changed
There was an animosity so strange
Moving away from you was my choice
And I hope you will accept this with grace,
Goodbye from me to you!

13. I simply want to put it in words my ex hubby
There is no love left between the two of us
There is no concern left any more
And there is absolutely no remorse to show
So why not end it in a dignified way
As you have a different say
And I also have a different way
Goodbye one final time,
Stay blessed in life!

14. It’s never too simple to mend a broken heart
You know that love was there from the start
But situations have caused this drift
Nothing can change this feeling so blue
I think I never really belong to you
Breaking up is surely tough,
But both of us will get over this some day
You are free now to choose your way,
Goodbye to you!

15. It’s tough to take a stand in life
It’s tough to take a decision involving others
But looking at the problems that we are facing
Its best stay apart from one another
Yes it’s simply not working out between you and me
In this so called marriage, there is nothing left to see
So I want to tell you a final goodbye,
Let things be as it may be!

Goodbye Messages for Husband Going On Travel

Goodbye Messages for Husband Going On Travel

16. Packing bags is not the tough part. Doing it for you, is what it shattering me from within. I will miss you, goodbye.

17. Be prepared to pay for extra baggage when you travel. I can’t fit into your suitcase but I can surely fit into your heart. Goodbye.
18. We will be in a long distance relationship. But that doesn’t mean you will be away from me. You will be in my mind and heart. I will miss you. Have a nice journey.
19. You are the world of mine. You are the jewelry of mine. Come back soon to me. I know my jewel will shine like a pearl after this amazing trip.

20. Your absence will surely give me pain. Your touch; your warm hugs will be missed. But I will not cry. I know you will come back soon after your trip. I will be eagerly waiting for you. Goodbye my life.

21. Yes, I will be sad when you will go away from me. But I hope you will be cheerful, happy and refreshed after this trip. Have a wonderful trip darling!

22. You are going miles away from me. It is really the very hard thing for me. But I will be fine baby. This trip will remove all the monotonicity of your life. And when you are happy I will be happy. Goodbye.

23. It is always hard to say goodbye to the person, whom you love most. I feel empty inside and outside. My love, please come back soon from this trip. I will miss you so much.

24. I will live my life with your loving memory until you come back to me. Surely I will be fine. Your love has made me strong. Goodbye my man.

25. I wish that this trip will be a good trip for you. Enjoy your trip, have fun. But lastly come back soon safely. Goodbye my sweetheart.

Farewell And Goodbye Messages for Husband After Divorce

Farewell And Goodbye Messages for Husband After Divorce

26. I always feel the wedding day of us. I still have the smell of my wedding dress. But unfortunately, we are divorced today. Nothing to say at all. Goodbye and stay well.

27. Sometimes something happens in our lives that we do not even think about. This divorce is the same for me. I never thought I had to leave you. In reality, nothing is permanent in this life. I wish you a good life. Goodbye.

28. Good bye to our special morning kisses, goodbye to our dinner time gossip, goodbye to our sharing emotions. And lastly goodbye to our marriage.

29. I do not know who to blame. Is it your ego or my anger? Maybe both. No matter, I hope everything will be fine. Your life will be smooth again. Goodbye.

30. I’ve always feared divorce. And today I am divorced. I do not know what I should do now. I hope things will change soon. Now it’s time to say goodbye. So goodbye.

31. So from today, we will not stay together. We will not eat together and do other crazy staffs together. It will be hard but I think I can co-op soon. Okay, stay well. Bye!

32. I don’t know who to blame. Is it your ego or my angriness? Maybe both. Whatever, I hope you will be fine. Your life will be smooth again soon. Goodbye to you.


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