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By | October 6, 2020

Are you looking for green quotes? here We tried to cover green color quotes. God has given green color to every plant because Green is the fresh emblem of well founded hopes. So make your life immensely peaceful by reading the green inspirational quotes and green quotes below.

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Green Quotes

⇒ “Our green valleys will be green once we fully grasp the infinite vitality of the green.” Mehmet Murat ildan

Mehmet Murat ildan Quotes

⇒ “Do not call for black power or green power. Call for brain power.” Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordan Quotes

⇒ “With the gun you can make the earth red but if you have a plough you can make the earth green.” Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi Quotes

⇒ “In the hierarchy of colors, green represents the social middle class, self-satisfied, immovable, narrow.” Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky Quotes

⇒ “Learn of the green world what can be thy place in scaled invention or true artistry.” Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound Quotes

⇒ “Green is the fresh emblem of well founded hopes. In blue the spirit can wander, but in green it can rest.” Mary Webb

Mary Webb Quotes

⇒ “Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts, it starts with a shift in consciousness.” Ian Somerhalder

 Ian Somerhalder Quotes

⇒ “If your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.” Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson Quotes

⇒ “When you’re green, your growing. When you’re ripe, you rot. Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc Quotes

⇒ “A meter of green is greener than a centimeter.” Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin Quotes

⇒ “All our wisdom is stored in the trees.” Santosh Kalwar

Santosh Kalwar Quotes

⇒ “Beauty, strength, youth, are flowers but fading seen. Duty, faith, love, are roots, and ever green.” George Peele

George Peele Quotes

⇒ “Green is a process, not a status. We need to think of ‘green’ as a verb, not an adjective.” Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman Quotes

⇒ “Life is a green madness just now, trying to squeeze the last bit of warmth from the season.” Vernor Vinge

Vernor Vinge Quotes

⇒ “Theater definitely prepared me for Cyborg in the best way possible. All of the green screen definitely takes me to my minimalist theater days.” Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher Quotes

⇒ “Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions.” John Muir

John Muir Quotes

⇒ “Nature’s first green is gold.” Robert Frost

Robert Frost Quotes

⇒ “Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart.” Russell Page

Russell Page Quotes

⇒ “Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.” Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda Quotes

⇒ “Green makes me think of silence, or maybe it’s loneliness. I get the feeling of a terribly distant star.” Kobo Abe

Kobo Abe Quotes

⇒ “Green calm below, blue quietness above.” John Greenleaf Whittier

John Greenleaf Whittier Quotes

⇒ “Green in nature is one thing, green in literature another. Nature and letters seem to have a natural antipathy bring them together and they tear each other to pieces.” Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf Quotes

⇒ “A man who contemplates revenge keeps his wounds green.” Francis Bacon

 Francis Bacon Quotes

⇒ “Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Pedro Calderon de la Barca Quotes

⇒ “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.” Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Quotes

⇒ “The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes


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