15 Best Sparkle Quotes

By | October 5, 2020

In this article, we have compiled a list of sparkle quotes for you. we can all benefit from a famous sparkle quote. so You can share it with your family and friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Sparkle Quotes

1). “Your mind sparks, your soul sparkles, your peace is counterpoint to the clamor of life, you are a magnificent gift to the world.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Jonathan Lockwood Huie Quotes

2). “If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?” – Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle Quotes

3). “Do more of what makes you sparkle” – Anonymous

Anonymous Quotes

4). “You musn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling”- Kirsten Kaeln

Kirsten Kaeln Quotes

5). “Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle.” – Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Quotes

6). “When I got sober, I thought giving up was saying goodbye to all the fun and all the sparkle, and it turned out to be just the opposite. That’s when the sparkle started for me.” – Mary Karr

Mary Karr Quotes

7). “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.” – Anonymous

Anonymous Quotes

8). “Waiting for the spark from heaven to fall.” – Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold Quotes

9). “When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day. – Ella Woodward

Ella Woodward Quotes

10). “If we will concentrate on the best, that element will grow until it sparkles.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley Quotes

11). “When you’re a mom, you need sparkle to compensate for the light inside of you that has died.” – Ali Wong

Ali Wong Quotes

12). “You have to look for the joy. Look for the light of God that is hitting your life, and you will find sparkles you didn’t know were there.”- Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson Quotes

13). “When you sparkle you inspire everyone around you.” – Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue Quotes

14). “Every day is a great day to give love, spread joy, and SPARKLE!” – Sheri Fink

Sheri Fink Quotes

15). “You sparkle with larceny.” – Wilson Mizner

Wilson Mizner Quotes

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