World Vegetarian Day Messages, Greetings, Slogans & Quotes

By | September 27, 2020

World Vegetarian Day is celebrated on October 1. World Vegetarian Day was founded in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) and was endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978. There are health and spiritual benefits to eating a vegetarian diet. vegetarian diets have proven health benefits, save animals’ lives, and help to preserve the Earth. A vegetarian diet gives our body health and peace of mind. Here are some messages, greetings and quotes from World Vegetarian Day.


World Vegetarian Day Messages, Greetings & Quotes

Happy World Vegetarian Day Messages, Greetings And Quotes

1). On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, always remember that food is not only about taste but it is also about healthy living and one choice can impact your whole life.

2). All that our diet must have is available in a vegetable meal, I yet do not understand why people are chasing non-veg dishes like crazy!

3). I am a vegetarian not because I love animals but because I hate plants more. Sending my best wishes on World Vegetarian Day!

4). With vegetarianism, you are well settled and know that your food habit isn’t getting someone killed and you are devouring the fresh things only

5). You don’t become a vegetarian by force, you become one by choice. So always make a better choice for a healthier and happier life ahead. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

6). There isn’t a single person on the face of the earth who has fallen sic due to the lack of no vegetarian food. However, you can surely fall sick due to lack of vegetables in your meal

7). The variety in vegetarian food is amazing and this will never be compared to those who only love to eat flesh and fibre.

8). Green leafy vegetables has its own benefits and it can never be undone

9). On this world vegetarian day, let us take an oath to remain vegetarian throughout the life and inspire others to live happy and healthy

10). All the vegetarians out there in the world should be proud of themselves and say it aloud “I’m Vegetarian”

11). Eat vegetarian, stay slim and healthy. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

12). What stops people from being healthy is their very own food habit

13). I am not a vegetarian but I respect all those who are vegetarians because it is their sacrifice that we don’t have shortage of food. Best wishes on World Vegetarian Day.

14). Avoiding cruelty and accepting vegetarian food does offers the soul a huge relief

15). Eating vegetarian food doesn’t mean that you have to eat boring food. Just explore the other size of the fence to know how delicious vegetarian food can be. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

16). It is truly not a good idea to have some animal served on your platter when you have lots of things to eat without having to kill anyone. Happy Vegetarian Day.

17). Vegetarians are the most rational ones because they always consume balanced diet

18). Let us not compel people to turn into vegetarians otherwise we will have shortage of food.

19). Your food habit should be a blessing for other life forms on earth rather than a curse.

20). All that our human body needs is available in the green leafy vegetables and also the other vegetarian dishes. How do you think vegetarians survive then?

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