Very Nice Ideas About Nature

By | July 3, 2020

Hello friends, are you interested in nature? Your life is safe and possible because of nature so it is everyone’s duty to protect nature. The creator of animal, bird, and human life lives everywhere. So look at nature and thank God. Some experiences about nature are mentioned in this article which you are very much requested to read.

Nature is a gift for life

Beautiful natural photo

Nature is an invaluable gift for our health so we should take care of it. Nature Day is celebrated on July 28 every year. Too many trees should be planted and conserved to improve nature.

The beautiful atmosphere of the desert

If for any reason you have fear, frustration, and unrest in your mind, sit there with a beautiful tree and a quiet atmosphere, and close your eyes and feel the depths of your mind and think that you are walking slowly in a desert. and the surrounding air touches your body. You are experiencing that atmosphere and gradually your mind finds peace.

The melodious sound of a flowing stream

Have you ever sat on the Stream bank of a spring and watched the water flowing from top to bottom? What a wonderful sight to behold. It is a great pleasure to hear the serene sound of the flowing water. Experiencing such an open quiet natural scene will seem to take away the fear and despair inside you.

Beach at sunset time

The most beautiful and scenic views can be seen on the beach. Which gives immense happiness to your heart and peace of mind. Frequent tides coming into the sea seem to tell you something. At sunset, the sun seems to be setting in the ocean. If you look carefully, you will find that everything in nature seems to be telling you something.

Large single maple tree on sunny summer day in green field with

Nature offers us so many wonderful things. Trees give us oxygen, rubber, wood and also help bring rain. The wood of a tree is used to make many tools that we can use on a daily basis.

The shade of the tree

If you look at any tree carefully, you will understand how much the tree helps every human being. The scorching heat of summer gives coolness to the traveler. They warm themselves in the sun and give cool shade to humans, animal birds.

Trees in the fall


It is a pleasure to see the trees in the fall. In the autumn the leaves of the trees fall off and new leaves come. The new leaf seems to be smiling at the sight of the falling leaf, but the falling leaf says that this is also your turn.

Morning time in autumn

In the autumn, when the sun shines in the morning on the small leaves on the tree and the sweet voice of the cuckoo is heard, the heart becomes happy. Enjoy what God has given you beautiful beauty There is work in life but such an environment gives you peace of mind.

Pomegranate tree

The tree gives us different fruits which are very useful for our health. The pomegranate tree is small but its fruit is very beautiful and delicious. Every layer arranged in it is worth seeing. Its design is very nice.

Double Rainbow Wide Desktop Background

It is a pleasure to see thick clouds in the monsoon and now are waiting for the rain. In the monsoon, we see green grass all around. The rainbow seen in the sky is made up of seven colors. which make the atmosphere very decorative.


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