Why Truth Is More Important To Us?

By | April 27, 2020

Why the truth is important

Hello, friends welcome to nicethinks.com. You are in the right place if you want to know what the truth is. Because in this article the meaning of truth is stated. So read below for information.

What is the truth?

The true facts of any matter, the quality of the statement made by someone and the state of being true, an idea that is true or accepted as true, What is true versus falsehood does not tell me the truth

The importance of truth

Did you know that your habit of lying creates a terrible situation So always speak the truth? Because the truth is religious and welfare, victory comes from truth policy. Following the truth gives you the strength to face every difficulty. and Truth boosts our confidence. The man who follows the truth never feels fear. so Truth is important to us individually and to society as a whole. Truth plays an important role in every situation. For society, truth creates social Restrictions, and lies and hypocrisy break them.

Seeing the truth, speaking the truth, hearing the truth, thinking the truth, and walking on the truth is neither easy nor difficult. Your think for it leads you that way. Why is truth important? your habit of lying can get someone in trouble. We all need to know the truth if we want to be able to behave intelligently. Truth is required for most religions. But even though what I usually say is true, I usually don’t believe it. If you need to lie, you have done something that is not true of yourself. So when you lie to someone else you get stuck.

The truth seems to be being destroyed in the 21st century. Because the person is resorting to lies at every moment. Speaking the truth is like inviting a difficult situation for them. Lies and half-truths multiply unless we consciously do something about them. But we only think about an imperfect world. Walking on the path of truth is not always easy, because the truth is not always liked by everyone. But the truth will help the most in every situation. The simple truth is a choice. Because it will give everyone a chance to breathe, to be free, and to find and fulfill all dimensions.

We waste time and energy when we avoid the truth. Even if the short-term reactions to the truth seem to be in favor of others, telling the truth will always give the right energy to things. Telling the truth is never easy, but, the truth itself is incredible power and an essential ingredient for a fulfilling life. However, we often hide it instead of telling the truth because we do not want to upset others.

There are two ways for you to live your life. The choice is yours to walk on the truth or lie. If you follow the path of truth, you will face difficulties in life. And if you adopt a lie, you will feel comfortable at first but then you will face a lot of difficulties. God always supports the man who embraces the truth. In the Mahabharata, Krishna accompanied Arjuna because he was on the path of truth.

Characteristics of Truth

Are you looking for the truth? But you should know that the truth never appears. Because truth has some of the best characteristics that set it apart from all and set it apart from principles, ideas, opinions, beliefs and of course truths and lies. In the end, since the universe is based on truth, faith based on truth makes sense in the mind and fulfills the soul.


Truth is selfless, so it is consistent with reality, the way things are. Because the truth is in progress, “reality” corresponds to the same truth. We understand this when it comes to truth and false representation. Misrepresentation is false because they do not correspond to reality. Police use the principle of correspondence to determine if a person is lying. Foresight can be partially true, mostly true or mostly false.


It is important to understand that truth is inherently relevant when it comes to obeying God, and that is one reason why logic plays such an important role in faith. Compatibility is internal harmony and consistency. Truth cannot contradict itself internally or externally. In some cases, we may observe something and have different opinions about it, but in the end, we will see that there was only one truth.


Interestingly, sometimes finding God really makes us incapable, because we may find that God does more than warmth and comfort to us, or we may find that the evils of the world do marshals against us that make us uncomfortable. Makes. Truth is not trendy or superficial. Because the truth is universal, no one can escape it. For example, in today’s world, death is a reality for all mankind, and the decision that will come is that no one will be able to escape.


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