World Ozone Day Wishes, Quotes And Messages | 16 September

By | September 16, 2020

Hello guys, welcome to your In this article, we have collected for you World Ozone Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings which you can share with your friends and relatives.

Ordon Ozone Day is celebrated on September 16 every year. It is celebrated to spread awareness among the people about the depletion of the ozone layer and to find possible solutions to maintain it. On this day, people from all over the world will join the talks protocol and engage in talks and seminars. Many commonly used chemicals have been found to be extremely harmful to ozone levels.

Today, on World Ozone Day, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer. This convention and its Montreal Protocol united the world to cut the gases that make a hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, which is important to protect us against the deadly UV radiation.

World Ozone Day 2020 Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Status & Greetings

World Ozone Day Messages And Wishes

1. Wishing you a very Happy World Ozone Day and also reminding you that we all need ozone for our survival and therefore, we all must protect it.

2. The only thing that stops the earth from getting fried is the ozone layer. Protect it and protect yourself. World Ozone Day

3. Ozone is like a “MOTHER” of EARTH….who protect her child from harmful radiations. Our Mother. World Ozone Day

4. Don’t make the Ozone layer disappear or a UV spear will impale life. Happy World Ozone Day

5. You don’t have to be a mayor to help protect the ozone layer. Protect the ozone layer for it protects us. Great Wish on World Ozone Day

6. On the occasion of World Ozone Day, let us always remember that we are the ones responsible for its destruction and we are the ones who need to protect it.

7. The layer which protects us all needs to be protected and we have to protect it together…. Warm wishes on World Ozone Day to you.

8. Ozone is the blanket that is protecting us all and World Ozone Day is a reminder that it is time to protect that blanket.

9. If there is no ozone then there will be no tomorrow. Let us wake up today to save our tomorrow. Happy World Ozone Day to you.

10. Save our sky to save our lives…. Save ozone to save the planet…. Wishing a very Happy World Ozone Day.

11. We have no right to deplete ozone because we cannot leave the coming generations without it…. Happy World Ozone Day.

12. Every year World Ozone Day reminds us that we must tighten our belts to protect the most important layer up there in the sky.

13. Warm wishes on World Ozone Day to everyone…. It is time to become more aware of using products that are O3 friendly.

14. God has given us the protection from harmful sunrays in form of OZONE and the onus of protecting it lies on our shoulders…. Happy World Ozone Day.

Slogans for Ozone Day 2020

Slogans for World Ozone Day

  • Save Ozone; save earth
  • Save nature, make future
  • Ozone today, Oxygen tomorrow
  • Earth without ozone is like a house without roof
  • Ozone-not just a layer but a protector
  • Preserve our Ozone layer
  • Save the layer, which is Up in the air
  • Ozone is for the birds (and other living things)
  • I Love the Ozone Layer
  • Ozone is harmful to health but layer is good
  • Ozone and Carbon Monoxide makes Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen
  • Ozone – Nature’s sunscreen
  • Deal today with Ozone for a Better tomorrow
  • Prevent skin cancer – Protect the ozone layer!
  • Ozone, Ozone, Don’t go away. We want you today
  • Life depletes when Ozone Depletes… So to save life save Ozone


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